Show Dog Shampoo, Watch Him Scatter

If you are seriously considering showing your dog, they need to be used to baths. You also need to find the right show dog shampoo for your dog. Not all dog shampoos are alike – just as not all people shampoos are alike. If you have a show-quality dog who is terrified of baths, seriously consider getting professional training in order to avoid injuries to you, your dog and your house.

Make Bath Time Treat Time

PomeranianTo make your dog look foreword to bath time, find out what his favorite treat is. Save that treat for only after (or even during) a bath. Make sure everyone else in the household follows this same procedure. You also want to talk calmly to your dog, especially if he is nervous. Please don’t shout or scold. That will only make your dog more nervous and make getting him to tub even harder.

One of the advantages you have in training your dog to look forward to bath time is that they love attention. Getting a bath, for some dogs, is a way that they soak up all of their owner’s attention. All dogs love to please their people. In praising and giving treats to your dog, he will eventually equate bath time with goods things.

Don’t Over Bathe Your Dog

Don’t bathe your dog too much, no matter how gentle a show dog shampoo you use. Too much bathing will not only strip the dog of his natural skin oils, but will make him shed more dander. You should bathe your dog only if they stink to high heaven or a few days before a show.

Don’t bathe the dog the night before the show or the day of. The coat will not have time to settle down and look its best. In some cases, the coat won’t even be completely dry yet. Be sure your show dog shampoo is for show dogs – people shampoo is usually too harsh for dogs.

So Many To Choose

There are nearly as many kinds of show dog shampoos as there are breeds of dogs. There are show dog shampoos specifically formulated for specific colors or coat textures. Be sure your show dog shampoo will be appropriate for your dog. Avoid shampoos and conditioners that have an extremely strong smell. They will be irritating to your dog. There are even show dog shampoos for dogs with skin conditions. A spray detangler can help make the bath easier on your dog, too.