How to Stop Your Puppy’s Barking From Driving You Crazy

Is your puppy’s consistent barking driving you insane? Maybe you’re at the end of your tether and do not know what to do. A mistake that people make is to think that they can stop their puppy from barking completely. It should be understood that barking is normal for puppies. This is how your puppy communicates. It is only when the barking is excessive and inappropriate that you should be concerned.

puppyThe fact is that puppies bark for a reason and so it is important to find what the cause is before taking action. Puppies can bark because they are lonely, bored, anxious, frustrated or frightened. They could also simply be hungry, need to pee or want to go outside.

If your puppy continues to bark excessively or inappropriately, then you should use commands like “stop” or “enough” in a stern voice. If this does not work, you should pull them away from what they are barking at and give a correction – a quick tug on the collar is a good idea.

Using words such as “good dog” or “well done” to praise your puppy when he stops barking is important. This is in order for your puppy to understand when it has done a correct behavior.

When your puppy is outside and starts barking to come in, you can use a command such as “stop” or “quiet” if you do not want them to come in just yet. Do this in a stern voice through the door. Puppies can hear through the door. Remember not to open the door until you are ready to let them in.

If this does not work then you could kick the bottom of the door from the inside. This makes a loud noise which can startle your puppy. this method is quite effective.

You could also lean out a window and spray water from a bottle or hose. This gives your puppy a reason to stop. The more you do this, the more your puppy will get a negative reinforcement for barking.

Do remember to give praise when your puppy stops barking. You must be consistent in praising positive behavior and giving a negative reinforcement for unwanted behavior.

It is important to understand the reasons why puppies bark in order for you to take the best action!