Simple Strategies For Potty Training Your Puppy

Whenever contemplating adding a new pet to the family home, consider the amount of time that will be needed in taking care of this new animal. Puppies need lots of time and potty training your puppy is essential in not only maintaining your home, but also in keeping your puppy healthy. Potty training your puppy doesn’t need to be stressful, but it will take time and patience.

Established Methods

You are all set to begin potty training your puppy, and there are several ways to accomplish this feat. The first has been used for a very long time with good results. Potty training your puppy using a crate is a very successful way to get the behavior you are looking for. A crate is used to house your puppy. The crate can be its sleeping quarters, a place during the day to keep the puppy out of mischief when you away.

Since the puppy considers this room its home or den, it will be reluctant to make a mess here. This method of potty training your puppy can help your puppy establish set times to go outside and learn to keep from eliminating in its cage. It is important to remember to take the puppy outside before it goes in its cage, and after it is brought out. This form of potty training your puppy can create a set schedule for the puppy.

The paper form of potty training your puppy is another commonly used method. Papers are put in a designated area of the home. This is where the puppy is allowed to go to the bathroom. Ordinary papers can be used, or special papers can be purchased. Pads can also be purchased that will go under the papers to prevent leaks and damaging the floor. When potty training your puppy with this method, the paper space becomes smaller over time, and the papers are moved to a nearby door. The puppy then will be at the door and set for you to put them outside. This process can take a long time and may be difficult to transition the puppy to the outside, but many people find it very easy to do.

Reward Accomplishments

When potty training your puppy, be sure to reward good behavior. Puppies naturally strive to please their new family, and they need to know they are safe and secure. Rewards are a great way to encourage the type of behavior you want from your puppy. A reward can be as simple as words of encouragement, all the way to a puppy snack