Supplies For Your Dog

Which dog supplies are necessary and which dog supplies are just for fun? Whether we own our dogs, or our dogs own us, there are a lot of dog supplies out there, some of which are necessary and some of make our dog’s life happier.

Dogs like to have a place they can consider their own. My own particular dogs like to have a dog crate or kennel that they can go to when they are feeling tired or stressed. Dog crates make your dog feel secure. There are several different styles of dog crates available, so pick one that is the right size for your dog. To make the crate more comfortable, get a dog bed that fits inside the crate. To help your dog accept his new crate, put a few suitable toys inside with your dog whenever he is in his crate. These can be a favorite stuffed toy or a rawhide treat, or anything else your dog likes to play with.

Your dog should also have clean bowls for his food and water, and a collar and leash for walks outside. It is a good idea, especially for small dogs in cooler climates to get a sweater for your dog. If you have a large dog you may need to invest in an outside kennel to keep him in when you are away from home for long periods. An insulated dog house is good for larger dogs, along with a good bed to keep him comfortable.

Just for fun, look for squeaky toys, balls or rope toys made for playing fetch with. Dogs of all breeds love to play fetch with most anything that is thrown for them. Keep a few dog treats on hand for rewarding your pet. All of these items can be found wherever dog supplies are sold.

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