The Benefits Of Pet Care Insurance

[widget id=”ad_unit-2″]Ad Widget: 468x60Banner-Insurance[/widget]Our pets are an integral part of our family and as such they deserve our love and attention. Unfortunately there are times when they become sick or injured and need the immediate service of a veterinarian. As we all know, going to the vet can be costly and a lot of people cannot afford to pay for the care their pet needs. If this sounds like you then you might want to look into getting pet care insurance.

Pet care insurance works much like health insurance for people. If your pet gets sick or injured it pays a portion of the veterinarian bill. This can give you the peace of mind to know that your pet will be properly taken care of in the event of serious injury or illness.

With many companies who offer pet care insurance the only thing you will be asked to do when at the vet is to pay your portion of the bill. The rest of the bill will be paid directly to the vet by the insurance company. If your vet does not accept this type payment then you will need to turn the bill into the pet care insurance company yourself. Most companies will process your claim within a week and get your money to you in a timely manner.

What Is Covered?

Many pet care insurance policies will cover everything from routine office visits to emergency surgery. There are a variety of plans available for you to choose from. Basic plans will cover things like accident or illness, prescription drugs, x-rays, hospital stays, and even treatment for chronic diseases. Premium coverage is available which also helps with routine vaccinations, annual office visits, flea and tick control, and other preventive measures. Most of these premium policies will even cover hereditary conditions such as skin disorders and back problems.

Some pet care insurance companies require a deductible which must be paid by you before insurance coverage begins. Some companies offer deductibles as low as fifty dollars while others can run over a hundred dollars. The good news is there is only one deductible for each year of coverage.

In most cases you will not have to provide a medical history before you can obtain coverage. This means your pet can get coverage regardless of the previous medical history. If your pet is ten years old or older you will still be able to purchase pet insurance but the insurance company will probably require your pet’s medical records. Premium rates will be higher but can still save you a lot of money in medical expenses since older pets tend to have more health problems.

If you have a lot of questions it would probably be a good idea to discuss your options with your vet and see what advice he might have to offer you.