Scratching Canine Itchiness with Dog Shampoo for Itchy Skin

Itchy skin in dogs is a tormenting experience for both the animals and their owners. Although there are various treatments to cure the condition, it can also be difficult to determine which one to use unless the underlying root is known. Using a dog shampoo for itchy skin is usually the initial recourse of pet owners until they can find the time to consult with a veterinarian.

Finding the Cause of Itchy Skin in Dogs

The first step of dog owners, who think better, is to have the dog examined by a qualified veterinarian immediately to find out the causes of the itching condition. Normally, the ailment is attributed to the presence of tiny parasites such as fleas, lice, or mites. Diagnostic tests performed on the dog may reveal that the animal is experiencing allergic reactions with skin itching as the side effect. While all these are being done, the veterinarian may advise bathing the dog with dog shampoo for itchy skin to provide temporary relief until a proper medication is prescribed. The tests may further uncover the cause of the dog’s allergy. Removing the allergen away from where the dog usually stays can greatly reduce the skin problem. If the dog is allergic to certain foods, look for some alternative food without depriving the dog with important nutrients.

Using the Appropriate Dog Shampoo

bathMany times, dogs suffer from itchy skin due to the unusual practice of their owners to use human shampoo during their pets’ bath time. Dogs have different pH level than human thus using a shampoo formulated for human hair is harmful on the animal skin and can oftentimes lead to allergies. When an itchy skin condition develops, the simplest cure is by a shampoo therapy using special shampoo with colloidal oatmeal. This formulation helps soothe and moisturize the dog’s skin resulting to a revitalize coat and eventually eliminates dry skin that causes the itching disorder. This can be used as often as desired without damaging the dog’s skin. Other dog shampoos that are best to use as itching treatment are those oatmeal-based shampoo containing topical anesthetics or corticosteroids meant to provide relief to the dog’s ordeal.

When dogs are found to be suffering from skin allergies, dog owners must exercise caution in using inappropriate dog shampoos. Generally, skin allergies that afflict dogs are obtained from synthetic substances such as scents or dyes found in regular soaps and shampoos used by their owners on their pets. Continuous application of such products can only exacerbate the condition that can possibly lead to worst other than skin problems in dogs and may require more complicated and expensive treatment process.

Quality dog shampoo for itchy skin works best when the right water temperature is applied. Dog owners tend to use water that is too warm thinking it is the right mixture to reduce the itchy condition. However, it only adds up to aggravating the ailment and makes the dog owner conclude that the shampoo is ineffective. It is more appropriate to use cool to lukewarm water to sooth the skin and then completely rinse off all residues to avoid skin irritation in the dog.

Itchy skin in dogs can be easily treated once the underlying causes are discovered. The condition can greatly improve by using a shampoo with hydrocortisone and oat protein. However, in severe cases, the shampoo itself may aggravate the situation thus it is important to choose the most appropriate dog shampoo for itchy skin that can easily provide relief to canine pets suffering from such condition. The animal can feel immediate results after a series of application provided the dog owner strictly abide by the instructions of the veterinarian and the specific directions written on the product label.