Three Good Reasons Why You Should Only Give Natural Pet Food To Your Dog

Giving your dog only natural pet food has plenty of advantages. Natural organic pet food does not harbor dangerous chemical residues that could harm your pet. Moreover, since organic food products were produced without the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides, using these types of products encourage manufacturers to be more environmentally friendly. Many dog lovers as well as environmentalists around the country advocates feeding pets only with natural pet food these days for several reasons. To get ideas why dog lovers around the world think that you should give only natural pet food to your dog, read on.

Natural Food Promotes Longer Life Span

Studies show that dogs that are given only natural pet food tend to outlive those dogs that are on commercial dog food. Unlike most commercial produced dog food may contain synthetic ingredients and preservatives, natural foods are free from preservatives and other additives. This means that your dog will have less exposure to harmful chemical residues if you give it only natural pet food. Since your dog will have less exposure to harmful chemical residues, your dog will have lesser risk of developing certain types of cancers. Moreover, since natural foods tend to have lesser amounts of saturated fats in them compared to those commercially produced pet foods, your dog will more likely to be fit and healthy. Healthy and fit dogs are generally less prone to certain types of diseases so they tend to be more active and live longer.

Easier Weight Control

Dogs that eat only natural pet foods tend to be leaner compared to those dogs that feed on commercial dog food. According to experts, dogs tend to overeat when given those commercial dog foods so they end up overweight. Those commercial dog foods are filled with plenty of fats and carbohydrates so even if you limit the amount of food that you give to your dog, there are still possibilities that your dog will exceed its idea weight. Moreover, dogs that feed only on natural pet food tend to have more energy and they move around a lot so they burn whatever calories they eat. If you don’t want your dog to be obese, you should give it only natural pet food.

Fewer Skin Problems

Dogs that eat only natural pet food are less prone to skin problems compared to those dogs that eat only commercially prepared dog food. You see, when you prepare pet food at home, you have the choice as to what types of ingredients to use so you easily avoid those food that may irritate your dog’s skin.