Dry Vs. Canned Food

Dogs like dry foods only if they are tasty, however many dogs prefer only canned food items. The reason for such preference is because the moisture content in caned food is about seventy to eighty per cent compared to only about ten percent in dry food.

If you view it in terms of nutrients, often the dry food contains nearly ninety per cent nutrients whereas the canned food items oftentires contain less nutrients. It is only soy products that are structured so well to look like meat pieces.

To make up the nutritional balance in the body systems, the dog has to eat more amounts of canned food materials than the dry food materials. Hence, just compare the cost factor related to this feature. Many dry food items are soybean and rice based.

Now some dry food items are based on corn. Sometimes, beef based or chicken based food items come in the cans along with mineral and vitamin supplements suited for the upkeep of the dog’s health. Larger dogs that weigh more than thirty pounds need to be fed with semi moist food items or dry food items on most occasions. This is to satisfy the food receptors in the stomach.

The small sized dogs may have a satisfactory level of nutrients if fed even the moist food items. However, the caloric density of the dry food should not be forgotten. Enriched dry food items are highly welcome compared to non-enriched food items.

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