A Guide For Arizona Pet Shops

Arizona has created a task force to help manage and monitor how Arizona pet shops take care of the animals they are selling. Just because they are selling those animals, and the fact that they are not your pet does not mean that they don’t deserve to be treated humanely. Without a sense of responsibility Arizona pet shop owners might neglect their animals.

The problem is not only Arizona pet shops; animal grooming establishments, breeding facilities, kennels, and even animal shelters are common violators of animal rights. Making these people legally responsible to fully implement laws against animal cruelty is the best action to be taken.

Follow These Simple Rules
An Arizona pet shop must have a resident veterinarian or currently have a veterinarian on its pay roll to on call and to check up on its animals regularly. This is to ensure that the animals are healthy and is in proper care. Not only will a sick pet be a danger to itself but also to the owners. There is also a danger of causing an epidemic among animals.

An Arizona pet shop should know the history and background of the animals they are selling. They must have the health and medical records as well as the breeding history of that animal upon request of the animal task force or the consumer. It is also important to remember that although an Arizona pet shop’s aim is to gain profit, they should never misrepresent an animal’s breed, health or pedigree as this is punishable by law.

For Arizona pet shops that sell puppies they must post the puppy lemon law in their establishments. Non profit establishments like humane societies or rescue groups, however, are not required to do so.

If encase the need for euthanasia arises, an Arizona pet shop must go about it in the most humane way and the acceptable way as according to the task force. Never neglect the needs of your animals. As Arizona pet shop owners you should also be aware that cats and dogs cages should never be place in close proximity with each other.

In the beginning the task force sent out letter notices to all Arizona pet shop owners that there is now a law governing body to implement laws against animal cruelty. These days the task force goes into Arizona pet shops without prior notice; a surprise inspection to see if the pet shops really take care of their animals.