Ways of Knowing the Best Dog Shampoo Brands for a Canine Companion

bathWhen dog owners shop for dog shampoos, the myriad of dog shampoo brands lined up in the shelves of supermarkets or pet supplies shop overwhelms them. There are as many kinds, types and labels of shampoo as for humans. But, it does not mean that every shampoo can do wonders for every dog because dogs belong to different breeds with different types of skin and fur thus it is important to do a little research before zeroing in on a particular brand of shampoo for dogs.

Dog owners need to consider several factors when choosing the right dog shampoo brands for their pets. Before making a purchase, determine first the breed type of the animal along with getting some information on its type of skin and hair. It is also important to consider the dog’s lifestyle, where it usually stays or how does the owner and his family treats the dog. This narrows down the choices until human masters are able to take their pick after considering the quality, ingredients, efficiency, and purpose of the dog shampoo they need to buy.

Choosing the Right Dog Shampoo

Dogs do not require frequent bathing because doing so can only dry their skin that can lead to skin problems such as itchiness or hair loss. Because of this fact, a bottle of dog shampoo usually lasts for several months thus it is more important to focus on quality rather than on price. Examine the product labels carefully and choose those with natural ingredients that can nurture and moisturize dogs’ skin. Sometimes it takes several dog shampoo brands to be tested before the best shampoo is found as the most appropriate to be used for the pets.

In making a choice, it is important to look for some desirable features offered by high-quality dog shampoo in the market. They must be easy to handle. Good products lather and easily rinse well thus ensuring that no residue is left to cause skin irritation. Although they must lather well, they must nevertheless produce fewer suds to enable quicker washing. They must also be tearless since it is difficult to avoid getting the shampoo into the eyes of the animals. Finally, they must deodorize and leave a healthy and shiny look on the dogs’ fur.

One important rule to remember is never use human shampoo on dogs.

Although shampoos meant for dogs are also designed to clean and moisturize in the same way that human shampoo does, dog shampoos are formulated with lower pH level suited to canine coat and fur. However, there are different formulations for normal, dry, and oily skin that dog owners can choose from if he already knows what skin type his pet has.

If the dog is suffering from a serious skin disease, there are dog shampoo brands that are restricted and can only be purchased with proper prescription from a certified veterinarian. However, in most cases, medicated shampoos are available in any pet supply shops and are equally good in providing relief to dog’s irritated skin. Shampoos to treat parasites such as fleas, ticks and other tiny pestering insects contain chemicals that can be toxic once ingested in high dosage thus it is important not to get the liquid in the dog’s mouth or eyes. Using brands with pyrethrins can only be done after getting approval from a vet. Always follow the product instructions carefully to make sure that the right dosage is applied when used during a dog’s bath time.

Dogs can sometimes be more sensitive and can suffer skin ailments than humans. Knowing the right dog shampoo brands can greatly reduce the most common or most serious skin problems that torment dogs and their owners. And, finding the best one that can completely clean, moisturize and deodorize Fido can truly transform him into the most lovable pet that humans desire in a canine companion.