Things To Do At The Philadelphia Purina Dog Show

The most watched dog show in America is the Kennel Club of Philadelphia National Purina Dog Show. This is perhaps the last dog show left that is televised on a national channel instead of a cable channel. If you decide to go to the Philadelphia Purina Dog Show, what can you expect to do besides look at a bunch of dogs for hours?

One of the things people love to do at the Philadelphia Purina Dog Show is to shop for all things dog. You can even shop for a dog (but you won’t be taking one home; your name would go on a breeder’s waiting list for puppies). All things dog includes not only dog products, but people products with dog images. Each year, there are usually nice freebies given away, like bags of Purina dog food.

During the nationally televised broadcast on Thanksgiving day, the Philadelphia Purina Dog Show is edited to just the main events leading to the Best In Show. But there is a lot going on for the spectators rather than watching dogs trot around a ring. In between the main classes, there are many entertaining and fast-paced demonstrations like flyball, police dog work and agility competitions.

greyhoundBenching Area
This is where you can get backstage to see some of the work that goes into getting a show dog ready for the judges. You can also get to talk to breeders to find out about various breeds of dogs and if they would be right for you and your lifestyle. Be sure to ask permission first before petting any dog. The dogs won’t bite – but their handlers who have spent hours getting the coat just right will.

Other Tips
Sadly, you cannot bring your dog to the Philadelphia National Purina Dog Show. This might seem prejudiced, but it is to ensure the health of the show dogs (and your dogs. Who knows what doggy germs are floating around that your dog might not be immune to?) You also are asked to please leave your camera at home.

You can bring a stroller or wheelchair. The Philadelphia Convention Center (where the show takes place) has excellent access. Since Philadelphia has so many other wonders and treats, you might want to go check out a restaurant before coming back to the Purina Dog Show to watch the breed you want to see. If you get your hand stamped, you are free to come and go from the Convention Center.