A Doggy Christmas: Dog Show Supplies

While dog and owner are the two most important components of any dog show competition, there are other factors that influence the success of the pair. These items not only increase the aesthetic value and positive personality characteristics, they also make it possible for the dog show to occur period. Dog show supplies are important for both the individual participants and for the event itself; without them, the animals would rarely be able to live up to their owners’ expectations, and the show itself would be unable to truly test the physical abilities and qualities of the dogs.

The Best Dog Show Supplies for the Best Dogs

For individual dogs, dog show supplies help the animals fulfill their potentials. Some are used on-site, while others are used throughout training. Grooming and dental supplies are integral for the physical appearance of dogs; their coats must shine, their fur must be soft, their teeth must be white and their nails must be clipped. Any deviations from the breed standard will never result in a win.

These tools should be used at home as well; while grooming before a show may be intense, the dogs should be given adequate attention even when they are not in the ring. An unhealthy dog will never be a winner, and these animals deserve to be treated the same regardless of whether they are competing or not. Collars and leashes are other dog show supplies that are equally used in the home as well; however, competitive collars and leashes are often fancier, and supplement the physical qualities of the dogs. While specific training collars may be used while the dog is learning proper posture and trotting form, these tools would seem out-of-place in a show.

Other important individual dog show supplies include travel crates, blankets, food dishes and equipment carrying containers. A professional show dog will travel the country and perhaps the world with his or her owner. Traveling can be a grueling endeavor for any animal if the proper precautions and considerations are not followed. A dog should always be kept in a crate during long road trips or flights, and the crate should be comfortable, filled with soft blankets and pillows, and more than enough food and water. For the owners, dog show supplies should be ordered and protected in specialized bins and racks, for both easy traveling and easy access during the shows.

Dog shows themselves require their own specialized dog show supplies. Obstacle courses and agility races are filled with equipment, including tires and poles, hoops and ramps. Even the conformation ring, with its platforms and ropes, must be planned well in advance. Without these tools, the dog show could never happen, and all of the preparation on the part of the dogs and owners would be for nothing.