The More Popular Small Dog Breeds

Small dog breeds are very popular, mostly among women and who are usually companions to them. There are several varieties of small dog breeds and some are classified under the toy group. There are over 55 breeds of toys; some are accepted by the American Kennel Club while others are not. There are some breeds that are larger than toys and smaller than regular dogs and these are also considered small dog breeds. They have shorter life spans than the bigger dogs and most are certainly more boisterous and excitable than the larger dogs.

Popular Small Dog Breeds

small dog breedsAmong the better known toy breeds are the Chihuahuas, Shih Tzus, Pomeranians, Yorkshire Terriers, Chinese Crested and Miniature Pinschers. There are others but these are among the most popular breeds and common in the United States of America.

They all share a common feature and that is their small size. People adore them because they can be brought anywhere in pet friendly hotels and restaurants with a minimum of fuss. Small dog breeds have been kept as companion dogs for centuries. In Asia, empresses and ladies of the court kept small dog breeds in their sleeves. Thus some are classified as sleeve dogs.

Chihuahuas are one of the top small dog breeds most sought after by people. They are small enough to fit in a small bag and do not make any fuss when they are well trained. The other small dog breeds are also adaptable in apartments and small homes compared to the bigger dogs that need wide open spaces to exercise and run around.

Some of the small dog breeds have long hair which can be fashioned into a hairstyle and needs constant grooming. In a way, people like the fact that they have something to take care of and fuss around with. Some smaller dogs are even fitted with clothes and coats for walking in the cold weather. They often represent a child in some childless person’s life and most people get so attached to their dogs that they mourn them when they die.

Small dog breeds often have difficulty giving birth since big dogs’ puppies and small dogs’ puppies are much the same size when they come out. Some breeds need medical attention when giving birth and may even need a cesarean section due to the largeness of the puppies’ heads. This is particularly true to bulldogs and French bulldogs.