Mixed Dog Breeds

Mixed dog breeds are dogs that have more than one dog breed type in its ancestry. Many mixed dog breeds have several dog breed types in their genetic background. There are numerous mixed dog breeds from which you can choose.

The Mixed Breed Is Not AKC Material
TrooperMixed dog breeds do not have registration papers and are not eligible for them. Some of these mixed dogs can look closely like a purebred dog but its mixed ancestry will prevent the dog from getting its registration papers. A mixed breed is not eligible to compete in the American Kennel Club competitions although it can compete in obedience competitions.

Hard To Figure Out Breed Type
Mixed dog breeds are commonly known as mutts. If a dog has a mixed ancestry, it can be difficult to figure out what type of breeds that it represents. Unless you know for sure because you know the dog’s parents, you may not ever know what breeds are in your dog’s family history.

Mixed dog breeds are not for people who want to know exactly what the dog will look like as they mature and they are also not suitable for someone who wants their dog to perform certain tasks such as hunting and herding because it is unknown how much of the desired traits it will exhibit unlike the behavior expectations that can be had with a pure breed dog. A mixed dog will have an even chance of displaying the traits, good and bad, of any of the breeds in its family history.

  • Mixed dogs are less expensive that purebred dogs.
  • Mixed dog breeds produce a very nice dog that will be just as fine and loyal of a companion as you could desire from any purebred dog.
  • You can train mixed dog breeds with as much success as you can have with purebred dogs.

Rescue A Dog
There are many mixed dog breeds in animal shelters so you will be able to rescue a dog from a shortened life and gain a wonderful canine companion for much less money than you would have spent on a purebred dog. These rescued dogs seem to know when they have been saved and they are very grateful and loving pets. Animal shelters are interested in getting the dogs a good home and will try to match the dog with a compatible owner.

A mixed breed dog is a fine dog for most homes and families. Mixed dog breeds may also be hardier health wise and will not be as susceptible to the illnesses that can strike purebred dogs. Your mixed breed dog can add joy and love to your life so do not overlook a dog’s value just because it is a mixed breed.